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NETWORKING:  jobs, clinical sites, midwifery events

ENCOURAGEMENT: share interests and achievements

PRACTICE: obtain discounted CEUs and education opportunities.

POLITICS: involvement in political reform on the local, state, and national level.

Nurse-Midwives and all interested parties are welcome to attend events and meetings.  Membership in the ACNM / CNMA grants you the opportunity of being a full, voting participant of your local San Diego & Imperial Counties Chapter.

To become a member of the SD & IC  Chapter of CNMA, please email us.

Meetings are held in person and by Zoom.

Welcome to our new and renewing chapter members Nathalie Choi, Cheryl Clements Miller, Elizabeth Bader, Katherine Jones, Susan Melnikow, and Rosalind Hirst.  Glad you're with us!



  • Recruit and encourage Certified Nurse-Midwives with diverse backgrounds and cultures

  • Increase responsiveness to health care necessities in women, children, and families of color

  • Provide mentors for student Nurse-Midwives of color

  • Facilitate a growing respect for the variety of cultures experienced in practice

Midwives of Color


Health Policy & Legislation

Nurse Midwives and families who rely on midwifery care in California are subject to a number of 

barriers to CNM care.

Join your fellow SD & IC Chapter members, engaged in influencing local and state health policy through advocacy and action.  Your chapter is working to identify local supporters and build relationships with our supporters and local representatives.

 "Who are my local Senate and Assembly representatives?"


For information on how to get involved or stay up to date on recent developments, contact us at or one of the CNMA Health Policy co-chairs.

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